Made in Montana

Our products are made in Montana because we believe in local, small scale, sustainable manufacturing. Our workshop is located in Missoula, Montana and we are proud to call this home. Find us at the annual Made in Montana Tradeshow in March. Blue Peak Creative provides Montana with unique quality goods, produced right here in the state.

Sustainable Connections

We treasure our land and environment and that's why we are committed to sustainable manufacturing solutions. As wholesale partners we took a hard look at ways we can make a difference. One way we found to make that difference is the way our products are tagged. We design, cut and print our own tags in-house. They are made from craft paper and tagged with 100% biodegradable fasteners made from a blend of polypropylene material specifically designed to biodegrade in less than a year without leaving behind any harmful substances or microplastics.

Hang Tag

Microplastics are small plastic pieces less than five millimeters long which can be harmful to our ocean and aquatic life. Did you know that scientists have found microplastics everywhere they have looked? Not only in deep oceans but also in Arctic snow, ice, inside shellfish, table salt, drinking water and even drifting in the air or falling with rain over mountains and cities. These tiny pieces could take decades or more to completely degrade.

Our tagging solution eliminates microplastics from being introduced into our environment due to common retail tagging and packaging. We are constantly on the hunt for ways to improve our ecological footprint within the supply chain and we encourage our trading partners to do the same for a happy, healthy future.

Our Roots

Blue Peak Creative is a small business, born from childhood friends in Missoula, Montana. Our history spans over a decade in the decoration business, primarily in the form of screen printing. But it’s not just screen printed apparel. Our workshop is capable of producing many unique items, including embroidered headwear, printed glassware, full color decals fired on ceramics, and more.

Growing up in Missoula Montana, our aesthetics were nurtured by the music festival culture, so we have a deep appreciation for music, art, and connection to the earth. Through our individual journeys we represent a vast social network of artists in Montana whose backgrounds range from DJs to painters to glass blowers to acrobats. We are inspired by our local community which is why our mission is to propagate home-grown art into the physical world.

We are artists ourselves, so it’s of no surprise that we are constantly trying new things and creating new products. We encourage you to come along with us to see how our products evolve over time.

What Drives Us

We are inspired by artistic creation, technology, and superior design. Simply put- we like figuring stuff out. That’s why we have implemented advanced technological solutions within our business. For instance, our wholesale catalog is presented to clients using AI to find optimal trading partners. We utilize customization software that allows anyone to design their own products on the web. And we have been experimenting with NFC chips that connect our products to digital experiences. Yes, we live in Montana, but that’s not the only thing that defines us. We are giant nerds when it comes to tech.